About Integral Consulting

What differentiates the work that we do? The following are key principles which underpin our provision of sustainability consulting services.

Good people are the key to great results

Our people are passionate about their work, both in terms of making a difference for the environment and in delivering services of high quality. We have an ongoing commitment to personal and professional development which means you can expect excellence in service from people who care about the work they do.

Value for money

As a small firm with limited overheads we offer value for money by providing quality outputs at moderate cost. We don’t aim to be the cheapest but we are in a position to deliver quality at a price below that demanded by the large firms.

Responsive and flexible service

We aren’t wedded to a particular ideology or approach to any given problem, leaving us free to identify and implement the most appropriate solution given your unique context and priorities. If you need some flexibility in responding to a complex situation, we offer a reliable and supportive partnership.

An innovative culture

Albert Einstein observed that “the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”. Solutions to our environmental and social problems require a shift in our thinking based on a deeper appreciation of our interconnectedness to the planet and to each other. Many solutions exist to any given problem… the key is to find those solutions which generate value in the economic, environmental, social and cultural domains and to match these with the reality of what your organisation is in a position to enact now. Open-mindedness to new solutions, combined with the pragmatism of how to actually implement within given resource constraints, forms the heart of our culture of innovation.

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Integral Consulting